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Krifton Plastic Towel Rack Wall Mounted Double Bar Towel Holder with Hooks Adjustable Towels Hanger

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Krifton Covered Soap Keeping Plastic Case for Bathroom use

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Krifton Plastic Hygienic Toothbrush Travel Portable Case Pack of 4

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Krifton Plastic Hygienic Toothbrush Travel Portable Case Pack of 4

When kept upright in a cup, your toothbrush can be exposed to airborne microbes and germs. There are probably more bacteria on a toothbrush than your toilet seat because of its infestation with faecal matters. Now keep your toothbrushes clean and safe in these closed plastic holders. These even have small air vents on top to prevent bacterial growth. So pack your stuff up, and head out for an adventure. Stay clean and hygienic.

The brush holders are made of food-grade and environment-friendly plastic material. This makes them sturdy, durable and lightweight.

Product Features : 

  • The cover of the toothbrush case is upgraded to make it easier to open.The toothbrush clean case can keep your toothbrush clear, healthy by daily use or for travel.
  • Wipe off the water from the toothbrush before putting it in the toothbrush case. The toothbrush can be stored, making it ideal for home, office, business trips and travel.
  • Very Easy To Wash When Needed and You Can Reuse It Over and Over Again, Have the protection you need and save money at the same time
  • Offer well-rounded protection to your brush heads Doesn’t get contaminated when traveling. Always keeps your brush heads clean
  • The Cover Offer Well-Rounded Protection on your brush heads hygienic and dust-free, the Travel cap hygienic storage will help prevent your brush heads from exposed to germs, bacteria and dust, for better health

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