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Krifton Plastic Air Tight Food Storage Jar Kitchen Container Set (4 Pcs)

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Krifton Dry Fruit 4 Sections Empty Plastic Multipurpose Dry Fruit Chocolates Mouth Freshner Sweet Box (1pc, Multicolor)

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Krifton Oil Dispenser with Leakproof Seasoning Bottle (500Ml Capacity)

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Krifton Oil Dispenser with Leakproof Seasoning Bottle

Oil Dispenser Bottle meets your daily sauces(oil, vinegar, and soy sauce) needs, providing you with a convenient and quality life. Using oil pour bottles instead of large plastic bottles makes it easy to manage and keep your countertop and table clean, a more comfortable kitchen environment.

Features :

  • Premium top design and safe transparent Plastic bottle, 100% food safe degree. This oil dispenser bottle is made of heat-resistant material, which is durable and not easy to deform.
  • Oil dispenser bottle leakless spout to pour liquids without making a mess, easy to clean after using. Non-drip spout and detachable top makes it convenient to clean, just need to switch and pull out the spout before cleaning.
  • This oil dispenser bottle can not only be used in kitchen as cook tool but also carried outside for BBQ, Picnic, junket, grilling etc. For oil, vinegar, non-viscous salad dressings and sauces or other non-viscous kitchen liquids.
  • This oil dispenser bottles volume capacity meet needs of single, couples and families. Dustproof and stylish. NOTED: OIL NOT INCLUDED
  • Smart design of transparent Plastic pot with ml lables enables you to control the amount of remaining liquid easily and accurately, no need to worry about pouring too much or too little.

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Weight 0.101 kg
Dimensions 8 × 20 × 7 cm


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